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Top 5 RV Generators Reviewed

Date : Jan 01, 2017 Category : Reviews of RV/Motorhome Gear
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RV Generators

If you enjoy RV’ing then you already know having a backup generator is a must.

Here’s five of the best highly rated RV generators on the market and a short description about each one:

1.Yamaha EF2000iS

Yamaha EF2000iS

Dependable Electricity

Sensitive machinery can be fueled by the innovative inverter system of the EF2000iS. Energy is made in sine waves, which makes it cleaner and more efficient. You can power your delicate equipment with no fear. This pure energy is safe to use, and the inverter also comes with a breaker. In case of an unforeseen power surge, the switch will kick in to stop any damage to the generator.


In the event of emergencies, the EF2000iS can be switched to Economy mode. This makes it extremely energy efficient, capable of operating for ten and a half hours without having to be refueled. It’s long life, and minimal fuel usage is due to the OHV engine. It can deplete heat quicker than most brands which keep it from overheating and breaking down over time.
It comes equipped with a Smart Throttle Load design which automatically adjusts the engine operational speed according to the needed output, so extra energy is never wasted.

Ergonomic Design

Toting and placing some RV generators can be hard on your back. The EF2000iS isn’t heavy at all, weighing in at only forty-four pounds All the features of the generator’s control system are centrally located for the user’s convenience and simple to understand. It can also recharge batteries with its DC output, perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time traveling in their RVs.


The EF2000iS is designed to cancel out noise, so if it ever needs to be used, Rv owners probably won’t even notice any unwanted sounds coming from it.

2.Champion 46539 Generator

Champion 46539 Generator

Remote Control

This amazing RV generator can be started from up to eighty feet away with just the use of a remote control. If the power goes out in the midnight, there is no need to be fumbling around in the dark.

Four Thousand Watts of Power

This portable generator can power almost every customary piece of electrical equipment with no trouble at all. The OHV engine is powerful and efficient. It can run for half a day at a fifty percent load so you can still watch t.v. or play on your laptop while the normal power problem is being resolved.


This RV generator comes with a two-year limited warranty. Champion promises exceptional customer service in the case that you need it at any time in the future. The company gives all of its clients free lifetime tech support.

3. Yamaha 2400 Portable Generator

Yamaha 2400 Portable Generator

High Ratings,The Environmental Protection Agency, rated Yamaha RV generators as having the longest reliable emission engine. The Gasoline petcock lets users turn off the gas for the carburetor and thus inhibit any problems with old gas.

Current Output

This generator has a very high current output which is healthy enough to start motor engines with ease. RV owners won’t have trouble keeping it fresh, either. The Yamaha 2400 can keep the AC at one hundred ten Fahrenheit even under full energy load.

Light-weight Even though the generator is powerful enough to compete with public utilities, it weighs only seventy-five pounds. The aluminum makeup of the device is trustworthy, compact, and lightweight.

4. Champion 73536i Generator

Champion 73536i Generator


The Champion 73536i can be purchased online for less than five hundred dollars. The two thousand Watt inverter technology allows the generator to idle when not much energy output is needed. Champion 73536i is used to save money on fuel since less of it is being used.


This generator is also light-weight weighing only forty-eight pounds. It also comes with an easy-carry handle attached to make transporting it a breeze.

Low Noise

Some generators can be deafening during operation. This one is silent. It’s DBA is only 53 during full power use.

5.DuroStar 4000 Generator

DuroStar 4000 Generator


The DuroStar 4000 has an air cooled OHV system that protects itself by keeping its internal temperature from going too high. It helps to prevent the generator from breaking down prematurely. There is also a feature that will shut it off automatically if the oil gets too low.

Run Time

This generator can hold four gallons of fuel and can run for eight hours straight on a full tank of gas. It is equipped with a gauge to let RV owners know when it is low on fuel.

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