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16 Out Of This World RV Parks And Resorts

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Best RV Resorts

RV Resort Parks

For RV owners, the traveling options seem to be getting more extravagant every year.

With RV resort parks growing more sophisticated, so is the price of vacationing by RV. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

For RV owners looking for the absolute best destinations to add to their bucket list, here is our list of the Top RV resorts in North America.

1. Mountain Views

RV Parks

RV Park For those looking to relax and enjoy the scenery on their RV vacation, Mountain Views RV Park should certainly be able to fit the bill.

Nestled along the Rio Grande and the Red Colorado Mountains, this RV spot is well known for its awesome fishing in the on-site pond and river.

2. Bella Terra of Gulf Shores

Bella Terra RV Resort

For those looking for fun activities at their RV Resort, Bella Terra should be next on their list.

Just a quick trip from Gulf Shores, Alabama, this amazing resort can keep kids and adults busy having fun during their stay.

With multiple pools on site, a six hundred foot clubhouse, a place to play shuffleboard, bocce ball courts, and even putting greens for golfers, everyone is sure to have a good time.

3. Hearthside Grove RV Park

Hearthside Grove RV Park.

RV owners interested in visiting Michigan will appreciate the Hearthside Grove RV Park. This luxurious park has a lot to offer its guests.

With numerous pools on site, outdoor barbecue areas, bungalow site buildings, and fire pits, every guest is sure to have a great time while staying there.

Another great bonus for those who value their personal space is their over-sized lots which give visitors a little more privacy than the average RV park.

4. Vines RV Resort

RV luxury resort

Any RV owner hoping to take a trip to wine country California should check out Vines RV Resort. Just as the name suggests, this upscale RV resort is surrounded by lots of beautiful wineries that provide tours and tastings every day.

Even if the wine isn’t a priority, there’s still high-end pools and some fabulous antebellum decor unique to the West Coast.With so much to offer its guests, there’s no wonder why this made the list of the Top RV resorts in North America.

5. Laurel Pond Luxury Wilderness RV Park

Best RV Luxury resorts

No one would ever guess that less than five minutes from Six Flags amusement park, there would be a serene hideaway with loads of natural beauty, the Laurel Pond Luxury Wilderness RV Park.

The RV sites are hidden from the rest of the world on seventy-one acres of scenic woodland. This resort has unexpected amenities like a concierge, shuttle buses, and tours.

6. Solstice Motorcoach RV Resort

Best RV hotels

Besides being right outside of Sin City, Solstice Motorcoach RV has other advantages one might not expect.

Known for maintaining one of the most cleanly grounds on the list, this luxury RV Resort can keep guests busy when they aren’t out playing a hand of cards or seeing a show.

Pet parks, walking trails, even daily fun organized activities are sure to make an RV enthusiast’s trip a delight.

7. Heritage Motorcoach Resort and Marina

Heritage Motorcoach RV Resort

Anyone who feels the Gulf of Mexico calling their name should pay a visit to Heritage Motorcoach Resort and Marina.

There they’ll find plenty of RV sites located along the Alabama Gulf shore. It’s the perfect place to go sailing, take a tour, or go snorkeling.

8. Motorcoach Country Club

RV resorts and campgrounds

With modern architecture, beautiful scenery, and countless amenities, MotorCoach Country Club seems to have it all.

Located close to Palm Springs, this California RV resort is far from ordinary.The private golf course, water aerobics, and Yacht club all add to the allure of this luxury RV vacation spot.

9. Polson Motorcoach and RV Resort

Polson RV Resorts

This terrific spot is by far the best RV park in Montana. Located in the Flathead Lake area of Montana, this luxurious spot has gorgeous scenery and awesome nearby attractions.

The Mission Mountains are seen in the reflection of Flathead Lake offers great hiking.The Glacier National Park and National Bison Range are also nearby and are a great way to spend time exploring the great outdoors.

10. Blue Water Key RV Resort

best RV/motorhome resorts

When most people hear the word “nonprofit privately owned, but are available for rent when their owners are away.

Depending on availability, RV enthusiasts can park and stay at canal and waterfront sites for stunning views of the Atlantic.

11. Newport Dunes RV Park


Southern California has a hidden gem, and it is this amazingly beautiful waterfront RV park several fun aquatic activities available on site including kayaking, sailboating, and even cardboard boat racing.

 12. Petoskey RV Resort

Petoskey RV Resort

RV owners looking to spend a little time up North might be pleasantly surprised about this great find in Michigan.

At the Petoskey RV Resort, visitors can spend their days relaxing at their outdoor spa, having a drink at their clubhouse, even watching a movie at their  home theater.

For those looking to get a little low impact, there’s also walking trails and a putting green.

13. Naples Motorcoach Resort

Naples Motorcoach Resort

Who doesn’t love spending time in the Sunshine State?

At Naples, Motorcoach Resort RV owners can enjoy more than just the sunny Florida weather.

This is an another great find on the list of Top RV resorts in North America. There’s serene infinity pools, places to store boats, and access to the Gulf of Mexico. With three outdoor spas and coach cottages, this RV resort feels more like heaven!

14. LVM Resort

LVM Resort

It usually doesn’t take much effort to convince someone that Las Vegas is a great destination for any vacation.

Nearby there’s the luxurious LVM Resort, which caters to RV owners year-around. Four hundred RV sites are available on their forty-one-acre property, all divided by palm trees for privacy.

Though Vegas has plenty of daytime and nighttime fun to offer, guests won’t need to leave the resort to have a good time. There’s a restaurant, whirlpools, even a place to tan!

15. Zion River Resort and RV Park


For those looking to get away and see some of the Old West, Utah has something to offer.

Zion River Resort and RV Park. Some of the best places to hike are in walking distance of this exceptional spot.

Those looking to get up close and personal with nature can enjoy site-seeing in Zion National Park, the Kolob Reservoir, the Zion Riverbanks, and even part of the Grand Canyon.

16. St. Rosa Sound RV Resort

St. Rosa Sound RV Resort

Another great Floridian spot to make the list of theTop RV resorts in North America is the St. Rosa Sound RV Resort. There so much to do and experience onsite and nearby.

There is a private beach, a waterfront swimming pool, and more! Those who want to spend some time in the Gulf can sign up for a sunset cruise, go scuba diving, or even snorkel.

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