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Must See American RV-Friendly Campgrounds

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American RV-Friendly Campgrounds

Attractive American RV  Campgrounds

In 2016, People are looking for a variety of different things when they go on vacation. Some want to spend time in a rustic local communing with nature. Others are looking for fun ways to spend time with kids.

Adults can even find luxury RV resorts with high-end amenities RV/motorhome resorts in North America ranging from primitive to fun to luxurious.


Schatzi’s 4 Seasons Resort

Schatzi's 4 Seasons Resort close to Nature

Those who enjoy getting back to nature will likely enjoy a stay at a different kind of 4 Seasons. This RV resort located in Wascott, Wisconsin is a must for vacationers wanting to spend time on Cranberry Lake.

Known for its exceptional fishing and scenic views, Cranberry Lake draws in boaters every year.

Fernwood Resort

Fernwood Resort Best Place for OutDoors

Located in Big Sur California, this vacation getaway is a great place for RV enthusiasts who want to spend some time relaxing in nature. Surrounded by hundred-year-old redwood trees, Fernwood has a lot to offer its guests.

when it comes to experiencing the great outdoors. Just a few minutes from the cliffs of Big Sur, hikers can make the trip to the top for a breathtaking view of the Pacific from up high.

There’s also a general store and a bar and grill on site in case vacationers need supplies or need to refuel after a day exploring the land. With so much natural beauty all around,

it is easy to see why this made the list of best RV/motorhome resorts in North America.

Pecan Park Campground

Pecan Park Campground

 The park gets its name for the surrounding pecan trees that visitors can harvest for some fresh nuts. It’s a quiet spot for those looking to get away from it all.

When you stay at Pecan Park Campground,  you feel to be immersed in a lush, quiet and happening atmosphere. The mild winters of the Location make it a prime destination for the Visitors.

Silver Lake Campground

The Silver Lake Campground is one of Michigan’s most stunning natural wonders. It is located in the

Silver Lake Campground

middle of Silver Lake and the Ansel Adams Wilderness in. The Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.
The Silver Lake Campground Provides all The facilities for fishing, boating, picnicking, horse riding and photography.

Family Friendly

Jellystone Park Camp Resort at Kozy Rest

Jellystone Park Camp Resort for kids

Jellystone Park is famous for its amazing RV camping vacation sites. There’s pools, slides, and lots of fun activities every day to keep the kids busy having fun.

Yogi Bear also makes daily appearances on site. Located on 34 acres of wooded land in Harrisville, Pennsylvania this is sure to be a favorite spot for kids of all ages.

Keen Lake Camping and Cottage Resort

Keen Lake Camping and Cottage Resort

This Resort has been open since the mid- 1950s and is always hosting family friendly activities. Their calendar filled with new and exciting programs sure to put a smile on kid’s faces.

Some of their most popular events include matchbox car racing, a weekend dedicated to little princesses, and patriotism parades.

They usually have special activities for every holiday, so it’s always fun to visit this campground in Waymart, Pennsylvania on the 4th of July!

Ventura Ranch KOA

Ventura Ranch KOA

For a family that enjoys staying active, this campground in Santa Paula, California is a dream destination. RV enthusiasts and their families will have a blast scaling their rock climbing wall or zooming down their 800-foot zipline.

There’s also a well-maintained pool for swimming and even a pedal cart track to keep every guest happy and entertained!

Beaver Dam Campground

Beaver Dam Campground

Southern Maine has its own treasure located in the heart of Berwick known as the Beaver Dam Campground.

A fantastic destination for families, this RV campground, has daily fun activities that the whole family can enjoy.

This RV spot is also very pet-friendly with places to walk dogs which are why it made the list of best RV/motorcoach resorts in North America.

Luxury Campsites

Lake George RV Park

Lake George RV Park

park is stationed in Lake George, New York. The main feature of this gorgeous RV destination is entertainment.

They’re a fitness center and their famous “playhouse.” Their guests can watch a variety of shows from comedy shows to magic acts, and get up close and personal with exotic animals in one of their nature programs.

Sun N Fun Carefree Resort

Sun N Fun Carefree Resort

This classy RV Resort in Sarasota, Florida is perfect for RV enthusiasts looking for comfort and relaxation. At their state of the art wellness center, guests can enjoy spending time in the indoor pool, hot tubs, and sauna.

Emerald Desert RV Resort

Emerald Desert RV Resort

This resort is everything anyone could ever want in a high-end destination. This RV spot located in Palm Desert, California has climate controlled swimming pools, a spa, and more.

Vacationers can get messages, see nightly concerts, and kick back during happy hour. For the athletes, there’s also tennis courts and a driving range.

Any of these places covered in this list of best RV/motorhome resorts in North America are sure to put a smile on RV adventurers’ faces.




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