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How To Get The Most Out Of Night Golfing

Date : Apr 18, 2017 Category : Golf Courses Near RV Parks
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Night Golfing

Golf outings are unlikely to ever decrease in popularity. There is something timeless about the sport and the sense of relaxation achieved on the course.

Many vacationers head to a destination purely for the courses. For most, this means a day on the green until the sun goes down, either testing new courses or perfecting old ones.

For others, this may be too familiar, and a new challenge may be in order.

Night time golfing is an alternative, after-hours approach that makes use of thermal smartphone cameras or glow-in-the-dark balls for a new challenge. It is an exciting new idea, but how to golfers get the most out of it? See this 

Night-Time Lightning And Glow-In-The-Dark Features

One of the most fun parts of night golfing is the use of light up equipment. LED golf balls are one of the key tools for night golfers. They are easily activated by shining a light on them and remain a glowing orb to target. This development is no surprise considering the use of a glow-in-the-dark ball and other features in night mini

They are easily activated by shining a light on them and remain a glowing orb to target. This development is no surprise considering the use of a glow-in-the-dark ball and other features in night mini golf experiences.

Neon Mini Golf

Here the black lights and neon colors are in use to an extreme, with strips outlining courses. Here it would take a lot of LEDs to light a guidance line along the green. Still, there is also the option of adding lighting to other elements of the course, such as flags at the holes or near hazards.

This use of glowing tech means that golfers need their smartphone light/torch app to shine a light on any glow-in-the-dark equipment used. This is fine for all those that have smartphones for golfing anyway.

Those that like to keep the phones away while relaxing on the green may need to change their minds or have a little mini torch at hand.

Visualizing your swing has a whole new meaning here.

Thermal Smartphone Cameras

The fun of night golfing doesn’t just come from the fun lights and interesting course set-ups. There is an additional challenge found in the sport. It can be too easy for keen players to go through the motion on a familiar course and lose focus on the finer details.

It is much hard to begin visualizing a swing and the precise action needed when we can’t see the destination. If there is just a glowing ball and a club that is barely visible, it forces the brain to think differently. It is important to consider the motion and balance of the club for the right results.

Again smartphone tech can help here, especially with thermal cameras. Smartphone thermal imagery and night vision apps can provide a view of the course by taking advantage of another light wave.

It is possible, with the right tools, to gain some form of an image of what lies ahead. Still, these pictures from thermal smartphone cameras can look distorted, and only provide a guide to work from. Once the phone is then put away, users need to visualize what they saw, figure out the swing and hope for the best.  This is the added challenge compared to daytime golfing.

There are also tournaments that players can enter for night golfing, but players must be aware of the rules.

LED Night Golfing

It is important to remember that some courses and sports with special night time events have strict rules. This is especially important for all those entrants that have played the course before.

While it can be fun to revisit old ground with a new view on the course, this is cheating in the most competitive environments. The idea here is that people go into these LED light courses blind, as it were. Otherwise, players may be relying upon memory and be able to avoid obstacles than newcomers.

Night time Golf is an interesting idea for players experienced in the game and wants a new challenge. This is because there are clearly some different ways to play the game.

On one side, there are those that may limit themselves to poor vision on a familiar course to work on their technique. One the other, there are those looking to breathe new life into the game with new tech and fun features. This is where those glow-in-the-dark balls, smartphone apps, and thermal cameras are so helpful. Either way, night golfing can be a great way to unwind on a golfing vacation.

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