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Pack The Right RV Gear And Accessories For Your Next Trip

Date : Jan 21, 2019 Category : Reviews of RV/Motorhome Gear
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camper gear for next trip

When you intend to go for a trip that will last a few days, you need the right recreational vehicle (RV) gear. There are different types of RVs, and these are specially designed to make you feel at home while camping somewhere.

It does not matter that you are away from home, there are specific accessories that you always need. Many camping areas do not have facilities that can make the life of campers easier. As such, the following list of must-have accessories can help you plan your journey.

RV Accessories

Various types of RVs are called by different names like a travel trailer, truck camper, fifth wheel, or motorhome among others. These recreational vehicles must have specific items that can make your life enjoyable while you are camping. You must check that your RV has the following accessories before you embark on your next vacation tour.

1. Water Hose

Water is life, and you should always have access to this precious commodity when you are out camping. You must have a water hose that you can use to fill up your tank with fresh drinking water. You can also connect the hose to city water if it is available in the camping ground.

water hose camping gear

Water hoses are available in different lengths, but it is essential that you get a long hose when you go camping. You should have your water in the RV to avoid movement during the night when you should be resting.

2. Sewer Hose

You need a sewer hose in your RV so that you can use it to remove the stuff in your toilet into the sewer. The process of disposing of excreta is not pleasant to many people, but it is necessary to pump out or dispose properly of your waste.

When you are camping, you should use the toilet in your RV when there are no park toilets. You must dispose the stuff from your mobile toilet in the RV which is why a sewer hose is essential. The other thing you should consider is a clear sewer connector.

The idea can sound weird to other people, but a clear connector can help you know if the tank is empty or not. You can run the water through for a few seconds so that you can see it coming out clear. When you look at the water running clear, then you know that your holding tank is clear of any unwanted stuff.

3. Toilet Paper

You must get toilet paper that is specifically for use in RVs, or that is septic safe when you go camping. You need the right type of toilet paper that is easy to dispose of using a sewer hose. There are different types of RV toilet papers so you must check for the right kind from your local grocery store.

RV septic tank toilet paper rolls

You must also carry disposable gloves when you go out camping. You should always prioritize your health care so that you avoid contracting infectious diseases. When disposing of the stuff in the toilet, you must wear protective gloves.

4. Holding Tank Treatment

Your trip can last a few days which can result in the smelling of your RV. Some RVs, however, have unique designs such that they do not smell. Likewise, you must carry holding tank treatment that helps to breakdown the stuff in the holding tank so that it does not clog and smell. The procedure is just a preventive measure since no one wants to deal with clogged stuff.

5. Water Pressure Regulator

A water pressure regulator is another essential item that you should have in your RV. The park’s water system can have high pressure that may burst one of your lines. Water is the biggest enemy in your RV if it starts to flow uncontrollably inside.

A water pressure regulator helps you to reduce the pressure of water coming into your vehicle. There are cheaper versions that can help you to avoid a scenario when you end up mopping water instead of enjoying your camping.

6. Shore Power Cord

If your RV does not have a shore power cord, then you must get this item. A regular house extension cord is not suitable for camping since it may not supply enough amps to all appliances on the RV. A proper code can also cause an unexpected fire.

It is crucial that you get a shore power cord with about 25 or 30 amps. You should also know the amperage you require on your RV.  The cable is also important since it helps to prevent power challenges while you are out. That way you do not have to run a noisy generator and use fuel to run it.

Many motorhomes have a built-in generator, and some people prefer to use a portable generator. So you have power options when traveling in a camper.

7. Levelers

Some of the camping grounds may not be level, and this can affect other accessories like refrigerators in your RV. These items should always stand in an upright position to avoid damage. You need a leveler that can give you the level you desire for your RV. If the camping ground is not level, it can also affect your sleeping position. You may end up failing to enjoy proper rest at night which can change you during the day.

credit:  Andersen Hitches

8. Chocks

Chocks are vital since they prevent your RV from moving away while you are in the camping ground. Some RVs especially trailers have no form of automatic brakes so for your safety, you must have these accessories. You can also purchase blocks that can help to keep your vehicle stationary in the camping ground.

9. Coaxial Cable

If you want to watch cable TV in your RV, then you must have a coaxial cable. You can plug this cable into the parks outlet since campgrounds do supply this item for you. To be safe, you need a cable that is about 25′ so that it can reach different sites within the park.

10. Refrigerator Bars

The bars help to prevent stuff in the refrigerator from falling while you are traveling. These bars also help to avoid spills which can give you more labor to clean. The refrigerator bars help to keep the stuff in your refrigerator neatly arranged so that you do not waste time organizing them.

You must also have a swivel sprayer that you can use to clean your sink of the remains of food particles. If the RV does not have a pull-out sprayer, then you must get this item that helps you to clean your small kitchen sink.

The other essential accessory that you should get is a refrigerator fan. Most RVs come with inefficient refrigerators that use an absorption system. Therefore, a battery powered fan is essential since it can help to circulate air to maintain the cold temperature inside the entire area.

The fan is useful especially in places that have hot climates since the fridge will not work extra hard to stay cold. A fan can also extend the lifespan of the refrigerator in your RV if it operates in a cold environment.

11. Travel Trailers Hitch Lock

The hitch lock is 100% secure since no one can drive away your trailer. While there are also other cheaper versions of clamps, a hitch lock is perfect for your RV. Different types of locks can be hackable so you must get the right product to enjoy your peace of mind. The product is worth the price since it assures you that no one will take away your trailer.

12. Replacement Fuses

It is an annoying experience to get stranded over a blown fuse while you do not have a replacement. You must make sure that you have a variety of replacement fuse when you go out camping. Some people may cherish the idea of bypassing fuses, but this is not recommendable since it can pose a danger to your appliances.

The material you use to bypass the fuse may fail to break in case of higher than average current at some point. With the right fuse, you can maintain the correct amperage for your appliances so that they remain safe should anything happen.

13. Tool Set

A tool set is a must-have thing that you should always carry when you go out camping. When you are going out camping in areas that are less populated, you need a toolset. You may fail to get help when you encounter problems with your RV. However, you can solve some of them if you have a tool set.

A good set is a must since it can help you to overcome specific challenges that can threaten your trip. Some mechanical challenges with your recreational vehicle are easy to solve if you have the right tools. It is also cheaper to address some of the minor problems without hiring experts to fix them.

14. Flashlight or Camping Lantern

You must have a quality lantern in your RV when you go out camping since it comes handy in many instances. You can experience an unexpected blackout at night when you are out camping. In such a scenario, this is when you need an alternative source of light to check the cause of the fault.

In some instances, power outage in your RV can be a result of a loose connection or the challenge of fuses. You can use a strong flashlight or lantern to investigate the real cause of power outage in your RV. A headlight is also right since it can provide you light if you want to go outside your RV at night.

15. Camping Chairs And Tables

When you are out camping, it feels good to sit outside, and you may also want to shift positions. There are different types of chairs that give you comfort and satisfy your needs. The other advantage of a camping chair is that it is portable. You can fold it and carry it to different places within the camping park.

The other important thing that you should have is a camping table. You need a side table for your food as well as preparation tables. The other issue is that some campgrounds do not have tables, but you cannot place a hot meal on your lap.

folding table and chairs

If there are tables on the camping site, it is wise to bring your picnic table cover. These tables can be dirty, and the experience of eating on them without a cover can be dangerous. You also need clamps to hold the table cloth down when you are in the open.

16. Tire Monitoring Accessories

There is nothing so disappointing as getting stuck along the way due to lack of pressure in one of your tires. Indeed, you need to have a spare wheel for your RV, but it is essential that you continuously monitor the pressure in your tires. Some people usually ignore the significance of checking the pressure of their RVs but only regret when they are stuck.

You should know if the tires are losing pressure before you get stuck along the way. In the same vein, the other essential accessory that you should have is an air compressor. This gadget comes in handy when you realize that one of your tires has no pressure.

There are various portable air compressors that you can choose from if you want to make your trip safe. An air compressor is not difficult to use since you only need to plug it on your car charger.

It is also good to maintain tire health to avoid unfortunate scenarios of running out of pressure along the way. When your RV spends more time stationary, then it is vital to protect the wheels against the sun’s UV rays. You need tire covers so that the wheels do not break down earlier than expected.

17. Torque Wrench

A torque wrench is crucial on your RV since it helps you to check the torque of the tires on your RV on a regular basis. The torque amount on a trailer is different from a motorhome, and you should continuously check this to ensure that your tires are safe.

When you go out camping, you must make sure that you have the right gear for your RV to avoid disappointments. There are various accessories that you can consider carrying, but some of these depend on your needs.

This may seem like a long list and it is for good reason.  No one wants to get stranded and not have the proper tools or gear onboard.  If you travel to remote places of the beaten path to relax in nature you should consider having all this with you.  If you are at a large RV park or campground during busy season you may have a nice neighbor that would offer to help you out, but you cannot count on that.  All these accessories can be found at most retailers or online.

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