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Finding The Best RV Gear For Your Motorhome

Date : Jun 30, 2017 Category : Reviews of RV/Motorhome Gear
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Best RV Gear

The arrival of summer means one thing for RV owners keen for a break that is the chance to head out on the road. There are plenty of adventures to enjoy in campsites and destinations across the country, and the whole family is sure to ready to set off.

The question is, is the RV ready? There are sure to be aspects of the vehicle that needs a tune up. Perhaps you have some memories of problems from last summer, elements that didn’t perform too well or were missing. It is time to kit out the motor home with the best RV gear for 2017.

Here are some of the most important elements to consider, and a few top products to keep in mind.

Basic upgrades in the motor home kit for the exterior and general health of the vehicle.

The first thing to do is to look at the general health of the vehicle. What sort of condition is it in and how can you help to protect it over the coming summer season. Cleaning products and fuel are a good start to get this RV in prime condition, but there is more to it than that.

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The tires can seem like such an obvious component of RV gear that some may overlook them. They are easy to miss underneath all the flashy features within the home. You aren’t going to get very far on vacation without a decent set. The first thing to do is check the quality of the current tires. This means checking for issues such as wear, cracks, bulges and other irregularities in the surface.

The depth of the tread is also important to make sure that the RV is road-worthy. Rotate and replace the tires as needed. Remember that most tires have a lifespan of about seven years and it is better to be safe than sorry. On that note, it is best to go with a well-known brand with the best products. You don’t want to start cutting corners here. A great example is the Michelin X Line Energy Z tire for RVs, which promises to offer 20% more mileage compared to leading competitors.

Tow Bar

At the same time, we can’t overlook the importance of a strong tow bar for all our hitching needs across the vacation. We don’t want to start out on the road and find that we have a damaged or unstable bar. It may be necessary to upgrade it completely with a new piece of motorhome gear.

Remember that there are different types of the bar to suit different needs. The self-aligning fits onto a wide range of motorhomes of various sizes. Buyers just have to find the right bar to fit the model-specific base plate. Then there are the motorhome-mounted bars. Some prefer this option because it decreases the chance of damage and they are easier to install. Take the time to read up on a different option, such as retractable bars, to see which is best for your RV.

Protective Covers

RV owners can take protective covers for granted. We often forget how much damage can occur with an RV on a daily basis, and this RV gear can make a massive difference. Owners have to watch out for the effects of rain, snow, and hail, but also the UV rays of the sun. Add in the risk of debris and bird droppings and a permanent cover sounds much more appealing.

Many motorhome owners appreciate the high quality of models like the PermaPRO™ RV covers, as they provide great protection through breathable materials, tough linings, and air vents. They are also compact and easy to use. Make sure to get the best fit for the vehicle for the best result.

Upgrades and systems to improve the inner workings and hygienic environment of this living space.

Best RV Protective Cover

It is important to remember that you are not simply driving this RV across the country between campgrounds and destinations. This is a home away from home, and therefore needs to act like one. This means a comfortable, convenient and hygienic living space for all those traveling in the RV.

Water Filtration

Fresh drinking water and safe running water are essential in any RV, especially when numerous family members want to eat, drink and clean themselves in the facilities. This all means a safe and secure water system. A lot of emphasis goes into the plumbing and elements like the toilet. However, there is also the need for a good water filter.

Water quality can vary from campground to campground. Some areas are poor quality, and others simply don’t taste as good as home. This is a nuisance for drinking water, but can also put the pipes and plumbing at risk of corrosion. Take the time to install a new water filter before your next trip. There are many specialist suppliers, like, which carry a range of options for different purposes. There are sediment, carbon, combo and specialty options in different sizes. Ideally, they need to have a rating of 1 micron or less for user safety.

Climate Control

Climate control is a crucial element in any RV if you want a clean, fresh environment within this small living space. There are a couple of ways that you can achieve this with new RV gear. The first is to look into upgrading your climate control system.

Many consumers like the MAXXAIR range for their broad selection of vent solutions and other aids. Owners can easily install their vent cover without drilling into the RV roof, as they simply mount to the vent or fan sidewall. This limits the risk of damage and saves a lot of time.

A powered roof fan is also helpful for all those that want to improve airflow. The best, such as the Fan-Tastic Vent, are small, durable models that are barely noticeable. They seal tight when not required, stopping the bugs and rain from entering the vehicle. Some have variable speeds controlled via a wireless remote. Of course, there is also the potential to hook a solar model up to a solar system for an environmental approach.


Shades and Roller blinds are more than just a great way to add privacy to a motor home. They also help to maintain the temperature and climate control of the RV, beyond the measures outlined above. Some companies specialize in the manufacture of many different types of blind.

Auto-Motion Shade Inc., for example, is the largest in North America. Their motorized blinds help to shield the RV from the sun with the best protective screens for the windows. It also pays to add a shade of some kind to the windshield when we park the RV up at the campground. This is a large gateway into the vehicle that can make a difference in the blazing sun.

Solar and LED Lighting

Then there is the benefit of a green energy system. A powerful, portable solar system – such as those from companies like AM Solar – offer a great source of renewable energy for off-grid applications. Some of best kits have lithium batteries and inverters in simple DIY kits. This solar system can save energy and money, especially when paired with LED lighting.

There are many forms of low-energy LED lights with high-quality output. A great example is the Command Electronics Low Profile Oval Surface Mount light which looks like any top ceiling light. It offers 650 lumens of warm white light via 22 LEDs.

New Electronic Items Of RV Kit To Help To Improve The Experience

The next step, now that the exterior is secure and the interior more habitable, is to look into some new electronic items in the motor home kit. This system can improve the living space and the driving experience. There are also new monitoring systems to help with the general, day-to-day running of the motor home.

Internet/Wi-Fi/Cell Boosters

A trip out in an RV or to a campground into the big escape into the wilderness that it once was. We all need to stay connected to the internet and our phones to stay in touch with the outside world. Some electronics and services won’t function properly without a strong internet signal on board. This is easier said than done with RV life, especially out in the middle of nowhere. Even campground WiFi can have its issues.

The best solution here is to look for a strong booster that will enhance the signal and provide better connections and coverage for multiple devices. WiFiRanger systems are one of the leading options here as they combine multiple internet sources to boost the signal strength of any local free public WiFi hotspot. They also work to minimize cellular data.


Best RV GPS System

A GPS is essential for any family vehicle when heading out on vacation. You want the best possible route and hassle-free experience. This means that families need the best RV GPS system.

There are many top names in GPS and navigation systems that now provide RV-specific models. One of the most interesting for many motorhome users is the Garmin Camper 770LMT-D. This is the top model in the Garmin line, and the most expensive. This is because it has a large 6.95” edge-to-edge touchscreen display and all the best sensors and information.

The best RV models offer information that car drivers wouldn’t need, such as updates on the local traffic, likely weather conditions up ahead and the locations of important landmarks. These include campsites and diners for food and rest. This Garmin model goes further with data that works on the size and weight of the RV, such as appropriate routes and underpasses to avoid.

Back up Cameras

There are many reasons for upgrading RV gear and adding a new kit to vehicles. Some of these electronic devices are here to make life easier. In other cases, they can help drivers learn from their mistakes. There is a good chance that many newcomers to RV driving had some scary experiences out on the road. We forget how big these motorhomes are, how difficult they are to maneuver and how many spots they create.

Ideally, we need as many eyes on the road and as wide a field of vision as possible when out in these beasts. That is where backup cameras are so useful. These cameras offer eyes where mirrors cannot reach. The more expensive the system, the more secure the vehicle and driver.

The best models can prevent accidents and improve peace of mind. This includes models like the Voyager Series, which includes a set-up with three cameras and a 7’’ screen for those that don’t want to miss a thing.

Tire-Pressure And Holding Tank Monitoring System

Tire-Pressure Monitoring Systems, also known as a TPMS in short form, takes us full circle in this guide to the best RV gear for a summer 2017 vacation. We began with the need to upgrade and replace the tires.

Now we have an intelligent device that checks their pressure while on the road. The system uses a series of sensors for consistent monitoring of tire pressure in all tires. The data appears on a screen on the dashboard to alert drivers to any issues – before they become a danger. The best do so through flashing lights and alarms, so users cannot miss the problem.

A great example of this is the EezTure t515 Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System. This has a long life of up to 4 years, a large monitor and is easy to use. Don’t forget that there are also Holding-Tank Monitors and another sensor system for the vehicle to keep the RV roadworthy for longer.

This list of products is just the start of the possible solution and upgrades available in RV and motorhome gear for summer 2017.

The aim here was to provide some inspiration for the best electronics, systems and other key areas of maintenance. Some may be exactly what you need to improve this home away from home. Others could be factors that hadn’t crossed your mind.

Take the time to consider the health and function of the RV, inside and out, from the basic plumbing, vents, and appliances to the more extravagant products like the cameras and solar systems. This time, love and money spent could transform your motor for the best summer vacation possible.

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