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Cool And Unusual Camping Gear

Date : Nov 04, 2016 Category : Reviews of RV/Motorhome Gear
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Camping gear for RV

RV/Motorhome Camping Gear

If you are an avid RV’r, then you already know about the most popular gear like solar generators for RVs.

This article reviews less popular, but perhaps just as useful, RV/Motorhome camping gear that may be of interest to you.

1. Selk’Bag


This European invention has now made its way to the States and is receiving a lot of praise. It looks like a hazmat suit, but in actuality, it is more like a cushioned ones.

The padded outfit surrounds the camper’s body, keeping him warm on the coldest of nights. This slip on body suit is so cushy some campers don’t need a pad or a bag to sleep on and only use it at night.

Since it is so warm, the designers equipped it with zippers on the limbs, so the wearer has the option to let in fresh air when they need it. For anyone who hikes in cooler weather, this is a good thing to have.

2. Paxis Pack

2. Paxis Pack

It’s becoming very common for backpack makers to make a lot of unnecessary add-ons to their mobile storage accessories and then calling them tech-friendly.

What usually happens is they end up making their products destructive to the electronics they carry. Nothing is worse than a tangled mess of exposed wires that gets ruined by the elements.

The designers of the Paxis Pack are the exception to the rule. It’s obvious that their backpacks are actually innovative! Hikers can easily tug on the right shoulder release, and the arm will detach, swinging the pouch to the front, where the wearer can have quick access to whatever they need inside their bag without having to stop or slow down.

3. Clean Water Purification Kit

Clean Water Purification Kit

Anyone who has spent a lot of time in nature hiking knows that coming across the clean water isn’t always a guarantee.

Carrying water bottles or a storage bladder is always a good idea, but they both can be heavy to carry, and they will eventually run out over time.

The Clearwater Water Purification Kit can be a big help to those who like to spend time in the wild for days at a time. This easy to use kit can take any water found and put it through its extreme filtration system to get a clean tasting purified water safe for drinking.

4. My French Press

4. My French Press

For those who rely on coffee for their morning pick-me-up, My French Press could be a great investment for their next camping trip.

My French Press can use Keurig K-Cups, ground coffee, or coffee pods to make a delicious brew for one, no electrical outlet required. The only real downside to this coffee maker is that it isn’t very compact, and it will take up space in a backpack.

5. FNO Integrated Camping Blanket

5. FNO Integrated Camping Blanket

Neither a sleeping bag nor a backpacking quilt, this kick start project is now available for purchase.

This camping blanket was designed to fit a variety of camping equipment like hammocks and tents while being just the right temperature in every season.

Compared to most camping blankets the FNO is better made and longer to accommodate tall bodies. Though it is okay for taller people, anyone with a wider body frame may find it uncomfortable inside while it’s secured. Hikers with wide shoulders may want to seek out a different camping blanket.

6. Kelly Kettle

6. Kelly Kettle

For those who like to boil water on their excursions, the Kelly Kettle is a device worth looking into. Having boiling water available during the hike can make things a little more sanitary.

Utensils can be boiled before use and so can water found along the way. Once the water is no longer piping hot, hikers can use it to rinse off excess sweat and germs.

It weighs only 2.5 pounds and can quickly boil water without the use of propane or gas fuels. This is quite handy since having to tote around fuel can be cumbersome.

7. Grill Wrangler 3 In 1 BBQ Tool


Anyone who has ever hiked through rough terrain knows how heavy an overloaded backpack can be. Every ounce feels like a pound and every pound feels like a ton.

The Grill Wrangler 3 in 1 BBQ Tool can help campers lighten their load. This uniquely designed utensil integrates a fork, tongs, and spatula into one simple tool.

Now instead of hauling three different instruments, hikers can just have one lightweight tool that handles almost all of their cooking and eating needs. They can use this tool to grasp, turn over, and stab anything they want to eat.

8. Chrysalis Hammock Tent

8. Chrysalis Hammock Tent

This product is exactly what is sounds like, a hammock and a tent put together. Campers are really liking the ingenious functionality of this strange but cool product.

For those who don’t sleep well on the ground, but don’t like the exposure of being in a hammock, the Chrysalis Hammock Tent is the answer.

It can be secured to two trees or any stable structure. The bottom part is mesh, which is very breathable during hot summer nights. The top flap is made of a durable polyester material that shields its user from rain, snow, and the morning sun.

9. Purificup – Natural Water Purifier


The purifier is a quality item to take on camping trips. It is designed to eliminate over six hundred different types of bacteria that could be floating in outside water campers come across.

This BPA free filtration system may be a tad slow, but it does its job. Available at a surprisingly low price, this filtration device is easy to put together, store, and use.

10. QuietStove Burner Cap Model

10. QuietStove Burner Cap Model

This contraption is a good buy for those who already own and use the MSR Dragonfly for cooking in the great outdoors.

It is made from quality materials and is much quieter than expected. Though it is easy to use and is relatively efficient, it does have a couple of negatives.

It’s far from inexpensive and is somewhat heavy. For anyone who doesn’t already own an MSR Dragonfly, this might be a product to pass up on.

Hopefully, individuals who enjoy the great outdoors found these reviews of RV/ Motorhome camping gear useful and can make smart purchasing decisions in a preparation for their next trip.

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