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The golf recreational vehicles (RV) have become very popular over the last several years, with more than 200 RV-golf resorts operating in the United States and Canada. Some of these resorts offer plenty of parking sites to accommodate bus-sized RVs and challenging courses for its guests in order to enhance their Golf Skills. On this website, RV Golf Tours strive to provide information to help you plan your next RV golf destination.

For example, Emerald Desert Golf and RV Resort in Palm Desert, Calif. offers full-service maintained spaces for RVs. Situated against the foothills of the Santa Rosa Mountains and located directly in the center of the Coachella Valley. Emerald Desert is only 11 miles from Palm Springs and lures RV-golfers like a magnet.

Sabbatini owned his first RV a few years ago in response to the Tour’s grueling traveling schedule of 35 weeks a year.
Sabbatini, who travels with his wife Amy, infant son Harley, and a pair of dachshunds, Chloe, and Zoe, says that RVing together had the positive effect on both his family life and golf game.
“Now, I, my wife and son go together on The Tour. That has allowed me to relax and play more events without getting tired or stressed out.” Traveling by RV, he said, “is like being at home and is more relaxing than flying and staying in hotels.”

Davis Love III, who helped start the RV trend three years ago among pro golfers, echoes Sabbatini’s sentiments. “I’ve got my bed, my pillows, my satellite, my cards, and socks in the RV,” he told the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). Love singled out the freedom and feeling of home as major perks of traveling in his 45-foot long land yacht, which cost a reported $1.25 million.

Not all of us can afford such luxury RVs, but no matter what size or shape RV you have we can direct you to places to visit and things to do.


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