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7 Great Florida RV Vacation Locations and Play Golf

Date : Aug 15, 2018 Category : Golf Courses Near RV Parks
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Not yet decided about the best destination to visit this coming vacation? You love to go to a place with the best tourist attractions like beaches, sunny weather, theme parks, and other recreational facilities like golf courses. If you belong to this group, then the State of Florida is the appropriate destination for you.

Popularly known as the Sunshine State, Florida offers great experiences for you and your family if you are interested in enjoying your weekend or vacation away from home. If you decide to visit this famous state, then this review gives you some information about the best RV parks that offer full-service camping facilities and memorable experiences to you and travel companions.

There are many RV parks in Florida, and they offer different services that are not found in all parks. For instance, some parks provide self-styled services like golfing, hiking and driving own recreational vehicle (RV). These services improve your overall experience of this beautiful state.

Clerbrook RV Resort

This magnificent resort part is located in Lake County, Clermont, Florida and it is a “must visit place”. The RV Park features a lot of beautiful things ranging from ponds, canals, lakes, beautiful vegetation as well as trees.  The whole area is lush green, and it is so refreshing to stroll around.

If you are an avid golf player, this majestic park is the real deal since you are guaranteed to get everything related to this game. The Clerbrook RV Resort park boasts of an 18- hole golf course and a par including two par-5s. The course is also characterized by lovely green vegetation, and you also enjoy the beautiful view of lakes surrounding it.

There is a driving range within the park, and this gives you the opportunity to drive around your RV. The main advantage of this is that you can visit many places within a short period which may not be possible when walking on foot. The bottom line is your itinerary is perfectly manageable when you drive around.

Different amenities are available at this beautiful park. There is a clubhouse that offers bar and catering services. There is also a store full of different products where you can do your shopping. To those who enjoy activities like swimming, fishing, hiking and shuffle boarding, they can readily get them within the vast park.

A fitness center is also available together with a restroom and showers. There is a playground where visitors can enjoy different games, and they can bring their pets as well. Laundry and library facilities are also part of the amenities found at this RV Park.

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Shady Brook Golf and RV Resort

Shady Brook Golf and RV resort located in Sumterville, and it is a beautiful place that is suitable for individuals who want to enjoy a quiet and peaceful environment. The lake found within the park adds to the natural beauty you can expect to see when you visit the place.

The park also boasts of a variety of wildlife and other natural features that will undoubtedly captivate your mind. The place is also ideal for other activities like photography as well as social gatherings where guests can hold peaceful and memorable parties in style.

If you love playing golf, this is your ultimate destination in Central Florida. It is home to an 18-hole course measuring 6,441 yards. The front holes are located closer to a beautiful lake. The golf course has paved roads and the other important thing is that there is a driving range. You can drive your RV at will and visit different places as you wish.

When you visit this RV resort, you will never run short of activities to do at any given moment. Pet lovers are welcome, and there is a unique Dog Park where they can play around with their pets. A lot of other planned activities can also be performed within this majestic park and facilities are there to support any event.

If you feel like you want to relax, a particular snack bar is there for you. There are also restrooms with showers and laundry services are offered as well. If you are interested in reading, then the library will be waiting for you at any moment. You can also access Wi-Fi services within the main building.

Grand Lake

Grand Lake RV is another RV Park that offers you full-service golf and camping facilities that are designed to fulfill your needs along with family members during your vacation. A 6-hole golf course is found in the resort, and it also gives you this natural feel and freshness of thick vegetation around.

The surrounding area is equally attractive such that you can also perform other activities like photography that can make your vacation more interesting. You can also discover new species and learn a lot of things about how the ecosystem is balanced.

There are also different activities that you can perform in the park. For example, you can go biking along with many trails in the mountains. Alternatively, you can switch this activity to ride horses, and this is very interesting since you get the opportunity to view the beautiful scenery in this beautiful park.

There are different amenities around the park such as shops, a swimming pool as well as a clubhouse. At the clubhouse, you can get various services like restaurants and bars where you can relax in style. You also get different forms of entertainment at this particular place like film.

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Great Outdoors Resort

This park is located in Titusville on the east coast of Central Florida, and it offers full-service RV camping facilities including golfing and an array of other recreational activities. The resort has an 18-hole golf course measuring 6, 542 yards and it also has wood bridges and paved pathways to help you navigate freely through the wetlands surrounding the area.

The Great Outdoors Resort RV park offers a blend of rich American history, science, and beautiful nature. A visit to this beautiful place will leave indelible sweet memories of the attractiveness of nature in your mind. The resort is also characterized by subtropical weather with average temperatures that are perfect for various outdoor activities like swimming, fishing as well as nature walking among others.

The other attractive feature about the resort is that it is home to a variety of endangered species that are very attractive in every respect. The Great Outdoors Park as the name suggests represents a strong bond between man and the natural world. You can also drive around your recreational vehicle to reach different parts of this expansive park.

Apart from enjoying sightseeing, the Great Outdoors Park is also packed with other services like full bar and catering. When you want to relax in style, there are many places designed to satisfy your needs. On top of that, the surrounding areas are full of shops that offer unique products and a variety of other amenities.

Deer Creek RV Golf Resort

Located in North Davenport, Deer Creek RV Golf Resort has all the recreational facilities you may dream of. These are specially designed to improve your experience with the natural beauty of Florida such that you will be compelled to call again in future.

If you are a true golf lover, then this great resort is the right place for you. You only need to carry your clubs and enjoy the game in an 18-hole golf course. The course features executive facilities, and it is a wooded area so that you get the natural feel of the environment while you enjoy your game.

Apart from golf, the park offers a variety of activities that are designed to suit the needs of every person who visits the area. Regardless of age or gender, you are guaranteed of picking an event that will appeal to your interests. Some of the activities include biking, swimming, dancing, horseshoes, tennis and church sessions among others.

It is complete with all the amenities you may desire while vacationing. There is a clubhouse as well as a swimming pool where the visitors can access services like laundry facilities, full kitchen, entertainment and an array of different games they can enjoy.

 On top of that, the people who live in the communities around the resort are so friendly such that you will always feel at home. Visitors are free to interact with different people, and the surrounding areas are safe and secure.

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The Okeechobee KOA

The Okeechobee KOA is your ultimate tropical holiday destination, and it is open all year round. It boasts of almost all recreational and camping facilities you can ever dream of. Located close to Lake Okeechobee, the largest inland lake with freshwater in Florida, this resort is designed to suit the needs of all age groups.

The park has a 9-hole golf course, and if you an ardent golfer, then this is the right place to be. You can also drive around your recreational vehicle while you also enjoy the view of the beautiful scenery around the area. If you are interested in camping for a few days, the campground is open and secure, and you can pitch your tent the way you desire.

At this magnificent resort, you never run short of activities since you can engage in some of the events like playing tennis, hiking or visit the well-equipped fitness center. Swimming is the other alternative activity that can captivate you since there are three different pools designed for kids, adults as well as families.

This RV Park also boasts of other amenities like bike riding, fishing, hot tub and you can also take your dog for a walk in the dog park. Wi-Fi and Cable TV services are readily available to keep you connected with the outside world.

After a day’s hectic activities, you can visit the Shanty Lounge and grab a cold one and relax while you prepare for retirement to your bed. Apart from self-catering services, the Lunch Box restaurant and snack bar are also open for business and you can order some food.

This RV Park is terrific since it brings you special activities every day. You also get services like social gatherings, parties as well as other related season celebrations. Similar events like thanksgiving ceremonies can also be enjoyed at this beautiful place.

Florida Caverns State Park

This majestic park is located a few miles north of Mariana, Florida and it is unique in that it is open for cave tours to members of the public. It is the only state park to offer such services, and there are also a lot of different activities that can be performed when you visit this particular area. Tour guides are provided all year round except on public holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Visitors to the park can have the opportunity to perform activities like boating, fishing, and canoeing among others in the Chipola River.  The other aspect that can be of interest to you is that Florida Caverns State Park is very popular for other activities like camping, horse riding and picnicking. However, visitors should be reminded that the park does not offer horse rentals hence they can bring their own.

Golf lovers can find this park worth a visit since it features a 9-hole golf course. This is located in a beautiful landscape that is characterized by lush vegetation. The atmosphere is cool and refreshing given the whole area is surrounded by freshwater bodies.

If you are interested in visiting a resort park with RV facilities and a golf course, you can try any of the above places, and you will forever cherish the moment. You can get a refreshing feel of the natural beauty while at the same time enjoying a variety of activities that will keep you entertained throughout your vacationing period.  Golf lovers are in for a good treat since fantastic golf courses characterize all of these resort parks. Driving of RVs is also allowed, and this gives you the opportunity to have access to different tourist attractions around the park.

If you are ready to venture on to another state with lots to see, try our RV park location recommendations for Texas.

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