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4 Best RV Solar Panel Reviews

Date : Mar 03, 2017 Category : Reviews of RV/Motorhome Gear
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Best RV Solar Panels Selling Today

RV’ing is a fun way to explore the world.

It’s fun to find new places, camp out, and take pictures of each adventure.

While there’s so much fun to be had, there’s also a lot of energy needed to keep our busy lives and devices fed with electricity.

RV solar panels are an excellent way to harvest and put to use clean, renewable energy straight from the sun.

Here are four great RV solar panels, with a few details on each:

Go Power! GPDL-20 20-Watt Self-Regulating Unbreakable Solar Module

The Go Power is an excellent choice for supplying an RV with solar power. This polycrystalline solar panel is extremely efficient. It can provide the battery with 1.2 amps of charge every hour.

Being able to stand up to harsh conditions is a must in any good solar panel. RV owners who park under trees or the stars understand how unpredictable the environment may be. Acorns and pine cones can drop high up, and rain may start falling out of the blue. These are just a few reasons why durability is a necessity in RV solar panels.

The Go Power comes with a five-year warranty. You may never need to use it since it is so strong. But having it is a plus point for you. Keep in mind; manufacturers do not want to have to replace equipment because that’s money out of their pocket every time their product breaks.

When a company offers a guarantee in case of damage, it is a sign that they are confident that their product is not likely to give out. Something to consider when you and your family’s electrical needs are at stake out in the wild.

The Go Power is also convenient. It’s not overly thick and is easy to install. It even has a simple connection option via a cigarette lighter adapter. Just plug it into a car and you’ll be good to go.

 Sunforce 60-Watt Solar Charging Kit

The Sunforce is a thin film solar panel. What that means is that it was made by spraying minuscule layers of silicon onto glass panels. The result is an amorphous solar panel that is highly efficient and durable.

These amorphous types of solar panels are very much capable of producing energy on days that are cloudy and even in the major cities where smog partially blocks the sun’s rays. Since weather during a storm is somewhat unpredictable, RV owners will appreciate just how invulnerable these RV solar panels can be.

The Sunforce can withstand the force of one-inch hailstones falling at fifty miles per hour.
This RV solar panel kit comes with everything needed to set up and start saving money on energy costs. The solar charging kit includes a PVC mounting frame, four 15 Watt thin film solar panels, a 200 Watt inverter, a 7 amp charge controller, and all connection cables required to complete the installation.

Once assembled, the Sunforce requires little to no maintenance for the life of its usage. As the name suggests, it is capable of producing sixty Watts of energy by harnessing photons and converting them into electricity.

Sixty Watts isn’t enough energy to power most televisions or household appliances like vacuum cleaners or blenders, but it can charge a laptop or cell phone. Remember that any power it does supply means less money spent on electricity!

Brunton 26 Watt Foldable Solar Array

HQRP 20W Mono-crystalline Solar Panel

The Brunton is a small but powerful solar array. RV owners can always use a little boost in savings to make their trips even more fun. This RV solar panel is very compact and easily portable. It measures 11 X 8.5 X 1 inches and weighs a mere twenty-eight ounce. That is tiny to be carried in a book bag, unfolded and used anywhere outdoors.

This solar array is amorphous, which is good news for RVers hoping to charge their cellphone as they park and explore nature. One of the best things about RV’ing is seeing mother nature unobstructed by modern society, but in case you need to use a cell phone in the event of an emergency having this small solar panel could be critically beneficial.

HQRP 20W Mono-crystalline Solar Panel

HQRP 20W Mono-crystalline Solar Panel

Easy placement is what this RV solar panel is all about. Its durable aluminum frame keeps the group held firmly in place even when zipping down the interstate. Capable of producing 20 Watts of power, this small solar panel can charge a laptop or cell phone even when the weather is less than ideal. It weighs around six pounds and is easy to set up.

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