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Selecting Right Size Solar Panel For Your RV

Oct 10, 2016

RV solar panel

Figuring out how to size an RV solar panel may sound challenging, but it’s not. It will take a little time to measure and do some basic math, and that is all there is to do. Here Is some handy tips that anyone can follow so they can determine their best size for their inverter, battery bank, solar charge controller, and ultimately their solar panels.

Energy Matters

Energy Matters

It’s important to know a few different formulas before getting started. Amps X Volts = Watts, Watts / Amps = Volts, and Watts / Volts = Amps.It’s crucial to remember that although Watts will rarely need conversion,

Amps and Volts have to be converted when switching from AC to DC and DC to AC.1,000 Watts AC is equal to 1,000 Watts DC.To convert Amps from AC to DC, simply multiply by ten.

Ten Amps AC, therefore, equals 100 Amps …

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